Find Indian Business Partner In Singapore

bMatch - Business Matching

Are you looking for a business partner in East Asia? Sourcing for a specific product or service? Looking for a technology partner to collaborate on a project? Seeking opportunities to invest? Exploring alternatives to enter a market and establish a presence?

bMatch is a business matching service to help you to identify and connect with verifiable members of trade associations by listing your requirements. bMatch draws on the network of trade associations and their members in East Asia. In addition to listing your requirements which will be viewed by registered members, we will also help push you to members whose profiles is a good match to your requirements.

Each listing requires one credit and will be listed for one month, or up to 2 months for purchase of at least 5 credits.

Member Special! Upload products and earn credit that can be used for bMatch!

All you need to do is to 3 simple steps :

  • Step 2 Login to your account
  • Step 1 Register as a SELLER (member of a participating trade association only) or as a BUYER.
  • Step 3 Post your requirements under My bMatch.

And you will start connecting with members matching your requirements!