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bconnect: diversifying your supply chain across East Asia by creating profitable relationships with verifiable members
  1. Submit yourbconnect profiles

  2. We matchautomatically

  3. You decidewho to connect

Relationships are key to businesses, whether it is with a supplier or with a buyer, and needs to be with companies who can be verified to start building a trusting and profitable relationship. With the bconnect service, we will help you find and build on these profitable relationships with verifiable members of trade associations across East Asia to diversify your supply chain.

Extending your network is not just to secure a trade (though it would lead to that), but it would provide you a network to seek advice or information about a market or economy, or even to collaborate within the industry.

There will be 3 levels of bconnect:

  • 1If you do not have any profile of a potential supplier or buyer, bconnect will match you with members from other associations outside of your country.
  • 2If you have a profile of a potential supplier and buyer and updated it in your Account, bconnect will more accurately match you with members from all associations.
  • 3If you have submitted a Manufacturing Cost Statement, bconnect will match you based on HS Codes based on the make-up of the manufactured product.

To start, simply profile who are your potential suppliers and buyers. These profiles will be kept confidential and used only to help connect you to other members who match these profiles. You will be given a list of matching members and you will decide who to connect.

There is no spamming involved.

You will also receive requests to be connected from other members. You may just find a new supplier to lower your cost or diversify your supply chain or a new buyer interested in receiving quality goods at a competitive price from you.

Also, you can make referrals to and for your associates, and you will earn reward points to raise your profile higher for more profitable connections!

This service is only available to members. So login to your account now and get connected with other verifiable business across East Asia now!

If you are a member of SICCI but have not registered for your free account, please register.

For a limited time only, the bconnect service is free for SICCI members (with the seller account) for the basic service. You may upgrade to the premium service for Full Name Disclosure and Full Profile at a special introductory fee. See full pricing here.

Please note that membership as a Seller to promote your products and use the trade tools in SICCI is only open to members of SICCI. Please feel free to contact SICCI Membership Department at Tel: (+65) 62222855 or E-mail: to get more information on this exciting initiative. Alternatively, you can also email your enquires to barterfli at to find out more about the value-added services.