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SICCI and barterfli Collaborates to
Help Members Grow Export Revenue

Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) jointly partners barterfli to help members promote their products and grow their export business on this co-branded website,

Through this collaboration, SICCI members will be able to access directly members of other reputable trade associations in the region.

This complimentary service provides each SICCI member with an account from which he would be able to:

  • promote his key products,
  • receive/respond to trade enquiries,
  • prepare quotations and
  • source for reliable and cost-effective suppliers.

In today’s competitive economic landscape, companies cannot afford to ignore the tremendous potential of e-commerce. JP Morgan has projected that by 2014 e-commerce would be responsible for close to US$1 trillion worth of transactions. At the same time we realize that e-commerce is not without its challenges, one top concern would be online fraud. CyberSource had projected that online fraud may have caused the North American continent about US$3.4 billion in losses in 2011.

We hope that this service will serve as a stepping stone to help our members start a meaningful and more secured e-commerce journey. SICCI members would be able to connect with verifiable members of reputable trade associations in the region and at the same time get support to get e-commerce enabled.


About Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & industry (SICCI)

Established in 1924, SICCI is one of Singapore’s most respected and active commercial organisations today, with more than 900 members.

SICCI offers its members and the wider corporate community a diverse range of services to meet their business needs. Enterprise Development Centre@SICCI, SICCI Institute of Business, SICCI Trade Documentation and SICCI Trade Match – combine to actively promote the development of its members and provide the necessary networking opportunities and linkages for its members to grow their businesses and operations locally and globally.

In a highly dynamic global market place, SICCI plays three key roles – it is a connector, enabler and advocator. It provides the necessary linkages and connections to its members so that they are able to grow their businesses locally and internationally. It provides the necessary training courses, programmes and activities, thus enabling its members to enhance their knowledge, expertise and competencies, and build capabilities. It advocates the views of its members at appropriate platforms so that these views are taken into account during policy formulation.

About barterfli Holdings

Barterfli Holdings is a Singapore based company which manages a unique e-Commerce ecosystem. The barterfli ecosystem brings together a network of trade associations in the region thus enabling verifiable business communities to:
  •  Interact seamlessly
  • Trade more transparently and
  • Leverage on easy-to-use trade resources

Helming the company as Chairman is Mr Teng Theng Dar, Singapore’s non-resident Ambassador to Oman. Mr Teng has many years of experience on trade and industry matters and has served in various capacities to further SME business interests in the region.


Looking to capture new markets and outperform your competitors? SICCI offers Indian exporters support to help achieve export revenue growth.